Music at the Albany Boatshed Markets – February 1st

This Sunday the 1st of February, the Boatshed Markets welcomes – Blind George and Madden & Gilbert to the stage.
Blind George will be on stage between 10am and 11.30am and Madden & Gilbert between 11.45am and 12.45pm.

Blind GeorgeBlind George ( aka Mark Pemberton) is based in Albany, Western Australia and has been a songwriter, musician and innovative performer for over twenty years.

Blind George encompasses a range of musical styles – from traditional fingerstyle guitar – through to reggae and world music and blends these styles through innovative performance techniques that draw on experiences in the entertainment industry as an audio and live production engineer and broadcaster.

The combination of rhythms and percussive styles with ragtime, blues, fingerstyle and world music styles brings together a repertoire of material that ranges from re-interpretations of traditional songs through to more original compositions that can only be described as “Café Groove”.

For bookings and enquiries, contact Mark at:


Photo Madden & Gilbert


Madden & Gilbert are local musicians who explore the rich landscape of acoustic folk and blues, mixing it delicately with elements of Scottish and Irish traditional music.


Relax before school goes back this Sunday and meet your family and friends down at the Boatshed Markets. Grab a bite to eat; buy local fresh and gourmet produce; browse talented local artisan stalls; and enjoy wine tastings from our Great Southern while you soak up the relaxed atmosphere and great live music down by the harbour.


(Located on the Albany waterfront – Princess Royal Drive)



Images courtesy of Mark Pemberton and Madden & Gilbert.

Contact the Boatshed Markets.

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