Music at the Boatshed Markets – Sunday 9th August

Talented local musician Tony King is ready to entertain you this Sunday at the Boatshed Markets.

Tony King

Yes, it’s Tony King, the same one that you may heave heard on his regular ABC Radio segment “Tony King songwriting challenge”.  Fresh from a month of hiking through the rain forest of Far North Queensland – Tony returns to the Boatshed Markets this Sunday with his country flavoured tunes.  After a few caravan park jam sessions, and being inspired by the call of some pretty weird birds (ever heard a Curlew at midnight?) – he has never been more “campfire ready”.  Come along, enjoy the markets, enjoy the music, and see Tony’s tropical tan before he reverts to his natural Albany winter colouring.

You can also visit Tony’s website: to find out more information about Tony’s music and listen to and purchase his cd ‘Something Borrowed, Something Blue’.

EVERY SUNDAY 10am to 1pm

Image courtesy of Tony King

Contact the Boatshed Markets.

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