Music at the Boat Shed Markets – Sunday 18 February

Interesting, relaxing and enjoyable music at the Boatshed Markets this Sunday.  A double header with the local  musical talents of:

Jordy Morcom  (10am to 11.15am)

Benny Mayhem (11.30am to 12.45pm)

Jordy Morcom

Jordy Morcom

Jordy Morcom returns to the Market this Sunday to entertain you between 10am and 11.15am.

Jordy is an all round musician who chooses to do most performances acoustically.  Expect to be entertained by solid covers from Paul Kelly, The Beatles, Crowded House and many more.

Jordy is an emerging musician in Albany.  His repertoire is full of energy, great vocals and familiar tunes.




Benny Mayhem

Benny is the second session at the markets on Sunday – from 11:30 am to 12:45 am.

From a home base on the west coast of Australia, Benny Mayhem has toured the world in a way that few other artists have considered… as a wandering troubadour. And through this lifestyle choice,Benny has toured continental Europe four times, the UK five times…. and has toured both Australia & UK once this year, with his full band…. working his way up from busking outside Tube stations to the festival circuit within two years.

But, more importantly, he has met people and seen places that have changed and forever enriched his life.

Come on down to the Boat Shed markets on the waterfront in Albany and be entertained.


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