Wine at the Boat Shed Markets – Sunday 11th Nov


Estate Grown Wines

Lange’s vineyard is a family owned and run by  Kim and Chelsea, their children Jack Ella and  Dylan together with Kim’s parents Don and Maxine.   All three generations of the family live on the property at Frankland River and the family has always had a long association with wine grapes in the Frankland River region. The vineyard was planted on an elevated location from clonal material over 20 years ago on a block called Lange’s Place.

ssb slim image photoshop.jpg

The old stock route that was used in the 1800’s adjoins the back of the property and this legacy and history is echoed on the label.

Please come down to the Boat Shed Market this Sunday and taste our wines and meet Kim and Chelsea to learn more about another hidden gem from the Frankland River wine region.


Image courtesy of Lange’s Estate Grown Wines

Contact the Boatshed Markets.

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