Music for the Heart

A Boat Shed Market Benefit – 27th January 2019

From 9am to 3pm on Sunday 27th January the Boat Shed Market will host a Benefit Concert with live performances from Hugh Milne, Terry MacKintosh, Les Karski, Steve Pinner and Steve Dougherty.  Come on down to the Boat Shed Market this Sunday and enjoy the music, the food, the market community and the best waterfront view in Australia.

From little things big things grow – the title and lyrics of the 1991 song by Paul Kelly and Kev Carmody have come to evoke the quiet determined power of people working together as a community. And the power of music to tell us a story.

On a Sunday morning in 2008 a small group of stallholders started a market in a Boat Shed on Albany’s waterfront. The cluster of stalls that desperately clung together through Albany’s bleak winters was the core of the market but at its heart there was always a concept of community. And every week there was music.

There was always a place for people to sit. There was always space for tables and chairs for something to eat on a Sunday morning or to just chat and drink in the view.  The ability of visitors to the market to stop – sit down – and share time – is what creates the community.  The local produce, art, craft and local live music complete it.

In 2018, the Boat Shed Market celebrated a tenth anniversary, now an established Albany venue for locals and visitors alike.  However, the Market also mourned the unexpected passing from heart failure of it’s founding chair, Graeme Waugh. Graeme had brought his fresh produce for sale every single Sunday for ten years. He also brought a love of live music and that sense of community that makes the market special.

To acknowledge Graeme’s contribution to the establishment of the Boat Shed Market and the value it brings to Albany a group of musicians are contributing their time to play a free concert at the Market and raise funds to support heart health. Heart disease is a major health risk for all Australians, affecting more than a million people, both men and women and is responsible for about 1 in 3 deaths.

Music for the Heart – 9am to 3pm on Sunday 27th.

Contact the Boatshed Markets.

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