Music at the Boat Shed Markets – Sunday 12th May

Benny Mayhem

One of the most hard working and anthemic folk punk acts to come out of Australia, Benny Mayhem has covered a lot of ground, literally and figuratively.

His latest single, ‘Bulwer Street Waltz’, has seen him tour the UK and Europe again through 2018 with his band, playing Festivals and Club Shows.

Benny Mayhem and his 5 Piece Folk-Punk Band
Benny Mayhem and his entertaining folk-punk band

The track is a no-holds-barred blend of Irish folk rhythms and melodic folk-punk energy, garnished with a modern hint of pub rock.

From being primarily a solo artist in 2016, the last 2 years has seen the Benny Mayhem experience evolve into a 5 piece band which combines power and harmonies in his unique folk-punk style.

Musically, they blend the roots of the folk punk genre (bands such as The Pogues, Flogging Molly, Arcade Fire) with an Australian element that has been compared in style to Paul Kelly and other storytellers.

Ben’s roots are in the South West Australian town of Albany, famous for its whales and the beautiful yet treacherous Southern Ocean that has inspired much of his work.  At the Boat Shed Market this Sunday Benny will perform the popular ‘Unplugged’ Acoustic Folk Punk Experience.




Music at the Boat Shed Markets – Sunday 7th April

Adam Morris

Irish born author and musician Adam Morris is the lead singer and songwriter for the blues and roots outfit Murder Mouse Blues Band.  The relaxed atmosphere at the Boat Shed Market is a great place to spend a little time on Sunday morning and enjoy Adam’s world class music.

adam morris singapore festival.jpg

On the waterfront in Albany

Every Sunday morning.  10am to 1pm

Come on Down

Try our Regional Table

Featuring Fresh Local Produce

The Boat Shed Market aims to deliver a diverse range of high quality produce for locals and visitors alike.  The recent introduction of a Regional Table to the Market provides a way for producers who are unable to open a stand-alone stall to make their produce available to customers. This week the Regional Table will include:

Salad greens, potatoes, broccolini and more from Bathgate Farms;




Certified organic tomatoes, pumpkin, cucumbers and watermelon from Gledhow Organics;


butternut pumpkin.jpg



Large garlic bulbs from  Mt Barker Fresh Garlic;

Garlic bulbs.jpg

 and new season Feijoa’s from Rainbow Coast Produce



On the waterfront – every Sunday Morning

10am to 1 pm – Come on down.

Music for the Heart

A BOAT SHED BENEFIT CONCERT – 27 Jan – 9am to 3pm

A range of talented local musicians have generously donated their time for an extended Market this Sunday, 27th Jan.  The concert is in memory of Graeme Waugh and to raise funds to support heart health.

All donations on the day will be gratefully accepted and passed in full to a charity that supports heart health. Please note times are approximate and may vary on the day.  We will post any changes. Look forward to seeing you there.

9:00 to 10:00 – Hugh Milne

Rhythms that will last forever – ragtime and country guitar

country guitarist.jpg

10:15 to 11:15 – Terry MacKintosh

Blues, country and folk delivered with down south soul

Terry .jpg

11:30 to 12:30 – Lez Karski

Engaging, dynamic and classic blues and soul


12:45 to 1:45 – Steve Pinner

A singers songwriter – evocative and thoughtful music.

me guitar bbq (2).jpg

2:00 to 3:00 – Steve Dougherty

Songs from the streets of Albany


The Boat Shed Market on Albany’s Waterfront.

Every Sunday Morning.  Come on Down.